A new lawsuit with 17 plaintiffs from all over the state accuses the State Department of Education and Supt Tom Torlaksen of depriving them of qualified teachers.  Charters must stop districts denying them shares of parcel tax dollars, as Oakland is attempting.


The major parties have not attended to our needs and rights.  I am running as an Independent ("No Party Preference" is this election cycle's new name), talking straight, no strings attached.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is very good about citing and fining families for heating their older homes with their fireplaces in winter, but are they really protecting the air?  We want them to direct more attention to monitoring industrial polluters, and communities are taking action.

Clean Air

 small businesses, served as director for regional non-profits, and for scholarships through the East Bay Community Foundation.

     I am deeply committed to public school reform, a healthy environment and reducing California taxes--the highest in the nation. 

     Elected to the California State Assembly without a major party, I wrote bills to help veterans, teachers, crime victims and school nurses; to audit the troubled Alameda County Probation Department and to reduce air pollution.  I lobbied my bills myself and worked both sides.  In one legislative session my

 We can't afford to keep politicians who listen only to public employee unions, big housing developers and crony-capitalist industries, putting California into a downward spiral of debt and decaying quality of life.

     I grew up in the East Bay attending public schools, Wellesley College, Harvard Graduate School and University of San Francisco College of Professional Studies.  I have been a professor at top U.S. universities and local community colleges, and a K-12 substitute teacher.

     I have taught at Japanese universities, written books on Japanese cinema, run


Where I Stand

 fifteen bills won co-authors and passed both houses--and half became laws.

     Elected in 2012 to the Fairview Fire Protection District Board, I am working with my community to secure the best fire, hazardous materials and emergency medical services.



May 7, 2014, 6:30 pm

HUSD Board goes at BAAQMD for bad air.

Hayward City Hall


Parent Choice  

May 27, 2014

HARD Parks Board passes Clean Air Resolution