SF Bay Air 3/20/16


    BAAQMD backtracks. ​Due to heavy rains throughout the winter, fireplaces might be permitted to be used again.

     Fremont Unified School District Board  heard my pitch on May 21, hoping for passage soon.  There is no real time public access monitoring in Fremont. 

     East Bay Regional Park District Board  listened to my Resolution presentation on May 20 and expressed positive interest. Not agendized yet.

     Hayward Unified School District Board of Trustees passed the Clean Air (monitoring and Public Health coordination) Resolution on May 7 with a unanimous vote before a full house at City Hall. 

     Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board of Directors  passed a Clean Air Resolution for BAAQMD on May 27. A fourth unanimous vote.

     Hayward City Council on March 18 followed BAAQMD's poor decision to keep RCEC open till  August  allowing the ten times the permitted amount of vapor drift containing fecal particulate matter with a powerful monitoring Resolution much stronger than mine, but incorporating the same request for coordination with the County Public Health Dept.

     Fairview Fire Protection District  after introduction January 27, passed the Resolution unanimously on March 31.  This was the beginning of a quiet public outcry through conscientious local elected officials.